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About Us

About Sam

As recently as late 2013 Sam was the only tour guide in all of Dawei, when he would hear that a tourist was in town he would and ask them with a big smile if they would like an English speaking driver. Much has changes over the last 2 years as Dawei has become officially open to tourists and word of its beauty has spread.

Sam with the assistance of Zinmar from Coconut Bungalows, Steve from Southernmyanmar.com, Anty Sui Sui from Dawei’s famous Curry House along with others have banded together to form a grassroots approach to growing Dawei’s young tourism industry. Sam now presides as president of the newly formed Dawei Tourism Association. With the efforts of this group and others Dawei has become one of the fastest growing tourist regions of Myanamar for eco-tourism.

Sams interests include Social and Eco-Tourism, Football, Bird Watching and his Family.

About Dawei
For more about Dawei and advice on where to stay please visit www.southernmyanmar.com/dawei/

How do I get to Dawei?
For maps and detail travel advise please follow the below link to our friends at Southernmyanmar.com




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